BA Online Education Degrees

Is a BA Online Education Degrees right for you?

A BA in Elementary Education will open many career doors for you especially if you want to teach children in grades K-6. If you are the type of person who can see yourself teaching young children, then St. Andrews BA online education degrees is just what you need!

Program Highlights

Specialization content areas include your choice between Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies
An average of a 2.5 GPA or better is required for students seeking K-6 licensure
Student Teaching opportunities are built within the program
The outlook for education jobs in the years ahead is very beneficial for graduates. Over the next decade, projected studies show that many  veteran teachers are going to be approaching retirement which will increase the demand for new teachers to fill those positions.

Why Earn Online Education Degrees?

At SAU we understand. We understand you are busy with your family, you have to work sometimes one, two, or three jobs, and so we want to make it more convenient for you to earn your education.

By learning online you have the convenience to logon to class when it is convenient for you. When we say online we mean everything is 100% online. There is no learning some things online and having to come to the ground campus for proctored tests—100% online.

While learning online you have full support from our staff to help your every needs whether or not it is with financial aid, academic support, getting ready to graduate—no matter what, we are here for you.

Additional Skills Learned with a BA Online Education Degrees

Aside from having a rewarding career as an Elementary School Teacher, a BA in Elementary Education will also gain you additional skills that will make you highly marketable in the workplace.

Some skills you will gain include:

Classroom Management
Effective Communication
Planning & Preparation
Setting Expectations
Time Management
What You Can Expect to Walk Away with After You Earn Your BA Elementary Education Degree Online at SAU

After earning your BA Elementary Education degree online here at SAU you can expect to walk away with quite a lot. Not only will you provide yourself with more opportunities and skills by learning all about Elementary Education, but you will also be able to:

Apply for Licensure (After All Requirements Have Been Met)
Be Aware of Society in a Sociocultural and Global Way
Be Familiar with the Different Types of Teaching Styles
Highly Improve Your Communication Skills
Maintain a Higher Ethical Foundation
Mentor the Students You Teach
Show Confidence in the Workplace and to Your Students
Understand How Research Methods Work
Required Courses & Credits Needed

Education (59)

EDU 232: K-6 Healthful Living & Physical Education (3)
EDU 236: Technology for Educators (3)
EDU 250: Education, Culture, and Diversity (3)
EDU 310: Curriculum and Instruction (3)
EDU 319: Literature for Children and Youth (3)
EDU 324: Educational Psychology (3)
EDU 332: Language and Literacy (3)
EDU 338: Reading and Language Arts II (3)
EDU 339: Social Studies in the Elementary School (3)
EDU 341: Science in the Elementary School (3)
EDU 342: Mathematics in the Elementary School (3)
EDU 344: Classroom Management (3)
EDU 352: Teachers as Leaders (3)
EDU 355: The Exceptional Child (3)
EDU 365: Fine Arts in the Elementary School (3)
EDU 390: Foundations of Teaching Social Studies (3)
EDU 423: Student Teaching (10)
EDU 425: Student Teaching Student Seminar (2)
Electives (20)

Any approved upper level courses (20)
General Education Program (38)

Arts and Aesthetics (3)
Humanities (3)
Language (6)
Mathematics (3)
Natural Science (4)
SAGE [St. Andrews General Education]SAGE 230: Human Thought & Culture I: Ancient-Medieval (3)
SAGE 240: Human Thought & Culture II: Renaissance-Modern (3)
SAGE 381: Transitions (1)
SAGE 450: Global Issues and Ethical Response (3)
Social Science (3)
WRT 110: Composition I: Inquiry through Writing (3)
WRT 120: Composition II: Reasoning through Writing (3)
Psychology (3)

PSY 220: Child and Adolescent Development (3)
Total Credits Needed to Graduate: (120)